Chilling Resurgence: The Viral Tale of the Split Face Diving Accident

split face diving accident

Split Face Diving Accident: An online sensation has been created by a Reddit post widely known as the “split face diving accident.” Despite being uploaded 13 years ago, the post and its disturbing video have recently caught the attention of netizens. It is spreading like wildfire across social media platforms.

The post was originally shared on Reddit several years ago by a user known as u/zombiedub and has since garnered an impressive 93% upvote rate at the time of writing.

When did the Incident Take Place Originally?

According to reports, the horrifying accident took place in June 2009 and involved a 16-year-old resident of Beirut. The incident occurred while the teenager attempted a dive off the Manara Promenade, situated opposite the American University. Tragically, the young diver collided with the concrete surface before hitting the ocean.

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What unfolded in the video of the split-face diving accident is both shocking and unsettling. In the footage, which has resurfaced online, the boy’s brother can be seen executing a successful dive into the sea from the Promenade building, which stands at a height of over 40 feet. The Reddit post indicated that the siblings had performed multiple jumps before without any issues, but this time, a slip led to disaster.

Following the impact with the concrete, a girl present at the scene can be heard screaming in Arabic, desperately calling for someone to contact the Civil Defense.

Is the Face Diving Accident Guy Alive?

The subsequent segment of the video shows the boy in an emergency room at the American University Hospital. According to the Reddit post, medical personnel attempted to stabilize the boy’s airway by holding his face together. Regrettably, despite the efforts made, the teenager’s severe facial injuries proved fatal, and he passed away after two days.

Surgeons could only perform stitches to address the deep and extensive wounds on his face. While some healthcare professionals online suggested that a skilled ear, nose, and throat specialist could have provided better reconstructive options. The severity of the injuries ultimately prevented the young man’s survival. The ICU managed to sustain his life for two days before his tragic demise.

Is the Video Authentic?

As the diving accident video gained traction online, doubts regarding its authenticity emerged among viewers. Some speculated that the footage might be fabricated. They pointed out that hospital records mentioned a “failed 9mm suicide” as the cause of the teenager’s injuries. The Reddit user who posted the video countered this claim, asserting that a 9mm accident wouldn’t result in the severe facial damage seen in the video.

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The social media user also noted that the video had an eerie ambiance from the start, partly due to the trilingual warning displayed for the audience. They added, “Throughout the video, there is an odd, indescribable instrumental music playing in the background, which inexplicably enhances the sense of terror. The shaky, amateurish cellphone footage also contributes to the overall unsettling atmosphere.”

The Reddit user emphasized that the cause of the young man’s death is inconsequential to the video’s sheer terror. Ultimately, the teenager experienced a devastating blow to his head during the diving accident. They concluded, “Whether the two segments, one on the promenade and one in the operating room, are connected or not, this video is undeniably terrifying. They both depict genuine footage, and it matters little if it’s the same person or not. It’s frightening in the same way as movies like Saw or Hostel. That’s the only thing that truly matters.”

The reason for the sudden resurgence of interest in the video remains unclear. Twitter user @pazlinx mentioned it in a tweet, which sparked renewed attention. At the time of writing this article, the tweet had garnered over 445 likes.

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