Story of Roman Reigns’ Wife, Galina Becker: From Athlete to Loving Partner!

roman reigns wife

Roman Reigns Wife: Roman Reigns has established himself as a top competitor during his career and is now a well-known name in the professional wrestling world. Reigns, like Dwayne Johnson, turned to professional wrestling when his football career failed. He quickly ascended to the top ranks of the WWE, beginning with his time as part of the SHIELD faction and culminating in his role as The Tribal Chief. Throughout his journey, one constant has been his wife, Galina Becker.

Becker has been a steadfast support for Reigns throughout his toughest times, including his battle with leukemia and his struggles as a football player. But who is Galina Becker, and what is her story?

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Galina Becker’s Early Life

Becker is the youngest of three siblings and was born on March 11, 1987, in Jacksonville, Florida.
She has always been a talented athlete who has excelled in sports. At Georgia Institute of Technology, where she pursued a degree in management, Becker was an outstanding athlete, competing in multiple sports such as long jump and triple jump events. She was named MVP of her team during her freshman, sophomore, and senior years. After college, she pursued a career as a fitness model.

Becker and Reigns met during their college years at Georgia Tech, where they were both studying management. Reigns played football for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets team. They started dating during this time and have been together ever since.

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The couple welcomed their first child, Joelle Anoa’i, in 2008 and got engaged in 2012. They tied the knot in 2014 at Disney’s Castaway Cay Island. Two years later, they welcomed twin boys, and in 2020, they had another set of twin boys. Becker has always been a pillar of support for Reigns, standing by his side through thick and thin. Although Reigns’ WWE career keeps him away from home for extended periods, Becker has adapted to the role of a homemaker to support her husband and family.

In addition to being a dedicated wife and mother, Becker is an accomplished athlete and a record holder in the triple jump event in the Central Coast Section. She was also coached by NFL player Steve Nelson. Becker’s journey from a talented athlete to a fitness model to a homemaker is a testament to her versatility and resilience.

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