Rhonda Worthey, a renowned television presenter and former publicist for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, had a significant presence in the entertainment scene. She gained prominence as the wife of the legendary Cowboys player, Troy Aikman. With Aikman, she enjoyed a marital union spanning more than ten years.

In recent times, Rhonda has chosen to maintain a low profile and has refrained from engaging on social media platforms. Her primary focus now lies in nurturing her three children, indicating a reduced reliance on the trappings of fame.

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman First Encounter

The story of Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman’s first encounter unfolded during the 1990s when both individuals were associated with the Dallas Cowboys. Rhonda, working as a publicist, crossed paths with Aikman, the esteemed quarterback of Jerry Jones’ triumphant Cowboys team. During their courtship, the couple preferred to keep a low profile, finally tying the knot on April 8, 2000, surrounded by loved ones.

It’s worth noting that before her relationship with Troy Aikman, Rhonda already had a daughter named Rachel from a previous marriage. However, this was not a hindrance as the couple embraced each other’s lives and exchanged vows in April 2000.

Following their marriage, Rhonda and Troy became one of the most photographed sport couples, not only in Dallas but across the entire United States. This widespread attention was unsurprising, considering Aikman had been hailed as Dallas’ most eligible bachelor by Texas Monthly.

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman were blessed with children during their time together. They proudly shared the joy of raising two beautiful daughters. The couple welcomed their first baby girl, Jordan Ashley Aikman, also known as Jordan Aikman, into the world. A year later, in July 2002, they celebrated the arrival of their second daughter, Alexa Marie Aikman, lovingly called Ally Aikman. As time passed, the girls grew up, and Rhonda and Troy strived to co-parent them in a harmonious manner.

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Rhonda and Aikman’s Divorce

Unfortunately, even though Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman’s marriage appeared idyllic to outsiders, hidden troubles were brewing within. The couple shocked their fans when they announced their separation on January 24, 2011. Admirers held onto hopes of a reconciliation, but their hearts were shattered when the divorce was finalized on April 12.

Since their divorce, both Rhonda and Troy have pursued separate paths in life. Aikman found happiness once again, marrying Catherine “Capa” Mooty in 2017, while Worthey remains unattached. Although their marriage appeared picture-perfect for more than a decade, sometimes individuals naturally grow apart.