Latoya Hutchinson Marlo: Part two of season 14’s reunion of Bravo’s RHOA aired on September 18, 2022. Dubbed Reunion: Part 2, the episode saw Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton engage in a heated argument, leading to the revelation of some surprising truths.

The exchange began with Andy Cohen asking Marlo about her friendship with Kenya. In response, Marlo claimed that Kenya had always been dismissive towards her and had never forgiven her. The RHOA star further added that the only time Kenya had forgiven her was when she didn’t want her to be friends with Porsha.

Kenya took issue with this and alleged that Marlo didn’t want to be Porsha’s friend either, and accused Marlo of throwing Porsha under the bus. The argument escalated, and Kenya accused Marlo of being a liar for using a fake name. Kenya revealed that Marlo’s real name was Latoya Hutchinson.

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During the reunion, Marlo denied Kenya’s claims about her name and accused Kenya of having issues with Marlo and Porsha being friends. However, Kenya denied the accusations. Andy then asked Marlo if she thought Kenya would ever be her friend, despite Kenya’s history of disrespect towards Marlo. Marlo sarcastically replied that she didn’t know how she could live without Kenya, citing her as an amazing friend and role model. This infuriated Kenya, who called Marlo a “sociopath” and accused her of pretending to be someone she wasn’t.

Kenya’s big reveal about Marlo’s real name left the cast and Andy shocked. Marlo denied the claim, and the argument continued until Andy had to intervene.

Viewers found the exchange between the two stars amusing and flooded Twitter with memes and funny posts. The final part of the reunion is scheduled to air on September 25.