Kyedae Height: Kyedae Shimko is a Canadian gamer, Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and influencer who has been creating quite a buzz in the online gaming community. She is known for her impressive gameplay and engaging content. These have earned her a massive following of 985K on Twitch and roughly 490K subscribers on YouTube. Her popularity stems mainly from her broadcasts and postings on the internet. Here she showcases her gaming skills and entertains her fans with various games.

Kyedae’s Favourite Game

Kyedae Shimko’s favorite game is Valorant, which is a free-to-play first-person shooter game. The game is incredibly popular among the online gaming community, and Kyedae’s gameplay on this platform is what made her famous. She broadcasts Valorant gameplay more than any other game, and she has become one of the leading female players in the game.

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In addition to gaming, Kyedae is an avid traveler who loves to explore new destinations. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her and her boyfriend at different locations worldwide. She also posts reels of her Twitch sessions on Instagram to keep her followers engaged and updated on her gaming activities.

What is Kyedae’s Height and Weight?

Kyedae Shimko stands at 5 ft 2 inches tall and weighs approximately 53 kg. She has a fair complexion and is known for her striking features. Born on December 1, 2001, she is currently 21 years old and has amassed a considerable fan base among many Twitch broadcasters.

One of the reasons for Kyedae’s popularity is her appearance on the streams of C9 Tenz, a famous Valorant player. Tenz is known for his exceptional mechanical reflexes, and his comeback with a new group changed the game’s dynamics. Tenz’s fans were interested in Kyedae, and her fan base grew as a result of her appearances on his streams.

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Kyedae’s Twitch channel has an average of 80-100 hours of streaming per month, which is a significant amount of time. She streams various games, including Rust, Genshin Impact, and Apex Legends, among others. Chat streams are another way she connects with her community, and she conducts them regularly to keep in touch with her fans.

Kyedae Shimko’s impressive online presence has made her a household name in the online gaming community. She has made a name for herself as one of the top female gamers in the business thanks to the continued growth of her Twitch and YouTube channels. She has become a fan favorite due to her passion for gaming and travel as well as her alluring personality. Her future in the gaming industry appears bright.