Jimmy Darts Net Worth: Meet Jimmy Kellogg, popularly known as Jimmy Darts, an American social media sensation and TikTok star. His account has gained over 8 million followers and 227 million likes. All thanks to his trick shots, challenges, and, most importantly, his random acts of kindness videos. He has even appeared on season 2 of the gameshow Holey Moley. Jimmy learned to operate an Amazon business at a capitalism conference. It has enabled him to raise money from his followers to support the needy. He has helped people in need with money raised through donations from his followers, like assisting a homeless man to get off the streets.

As a teenager, Jimmy posted videos on YouTube, amassing over 18,000 subscribers before he stopped. He became a Christian after watching a Billy Graham video, which was the beginning of his journey of spreading random acts of kindness. Jimmy is from Walker, Minnesota.

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All About Jimmy’s TikTok Channel

Jimmy’s TikTok channel is one of the most popular and inspiring on the platform. He started posting his videos in January 2020, with his first video garnering more than 50,000 views and 1,000 likes. In August 2020, he posted a video where he handed a stranger a roll of tape, which received over 1 million views. Jimmy is renowned for his kindness and amazing personality, which he portrays in his Instagram pictures and videos documenting his charity work. He often shares his outfits and other photographs on his Instagram, where he is currently a designated “muser.”

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In a report with People.com, Jimmy’s uplifting TikTok videos have brought smiles to millions and bettered the lives of dozens of folks. He asks strangers for small favors, like getting him a bite to eat or money to do laundry or to fund a quirky wish, like taking a spin on a fun-size ride-on elephant. While most people decline, Jimmy rewards the few kind-hearted ones with cash, and in some cases, cars, housing, and jobs. His heartwarming videos usually involve hugs, happy tears, and dancing, which have become beloved staples of his content.