Is Sidhu Moosewala a Khalistani: Although many Punjabi singers who sympathize with the Khalistani narrative prefer not to openly discuss it, Moosewala stands out as one of the artists who has achieved significant fame, with his fans choosing to overlook the narrative he incorporates into some of his songs. During the farmer protests, he released a track called “Panjab,” openly praising Khalistani leader Bharpur Singh Balbir. The music video featured visuals from 1982, depicting Moosewala alongside Bhindranwale. The lyrics of the song openly discussed separatism, with lines like “Why not talk of self-rule? We don’t wish to just hold prayer beads and become priests in some math in Hindustan.”

Throughout the song, Bhindranwale appeared multiple times. He is often portrayed with an arrow in hand. The lyrics emphasized that the situation was not comparable to that of saints and that it could not be suppressed by force, unlike the situation in Kashmir.

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In addition to his controversial song “Panjab,” Moosewala has been accused of promoting gun culture in his songs and on social media. One of his songs, “Jatti Jeone Morh Wargi,” sparked controversy as he compared the girl he was singing about to Sikh warrior Mai Bhago. Mai, also known as Mata Bhag Kaur, led Sikh soldiers against the Mughals in 1705. Moosewala had to apologize to the Akal Takht in Amritsar and remove that portion from the song. Furthermore, in the same song, the lead actress was seen wielding guns.

Another example of his controversial content is seen in “Me and My Girlfriend.” Here Moosewala proudly showcased an assault rifle, referring to it as his girlfriend. He has faced multiple charges related to promoting gun culture. The legal system, however, has failed to prevent him from featuring guns in his songs. Moreover, five police personnel were booked after a video emerged showing Moosewala shooting at a shooting range in their presence. The incident took place during a lockdown in May 2020.

Sidhu Moosewala has also used his songs to refer to legal cases against him and has repeatedly showcased guns. In one of his songs, he drew a comparison between his own case and the case involving actor Sanjay Dutt. Dutt was also booked and jailed on similar charges.

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Another controversy revolves around his song titled “Power.” In the lyrics, he states, “I don’t keep ‘tumbi tambi,’ I keep 3.15. I am Sidhu Moosewala and not Chamkila.” “Tumbi” refers to a traditional one-wired musical instrument popular in Punjab, while “Chamkila” refers to Dhanni Ram alias Amar Singh Chamkila, a renowned Punjabi singer known for his politically satirical songs. Chamkila was often seen playing the Tumbi while performing. He and his wife Amarjot were tragically killed in 1988, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths remain unsolved. One theory suggests that Khalistani terrorists, displeased with the lyrics of his songs, were responsible. Other theories propose that it was an honor killing or that he was killed by a rival.

Regarding the word “Chamkila” in Moosewala’s song, some listeners have speculated that in many instances, the word is censored as “Cham**.” Some speculate that the word is not “Chamkila” but rather “Chamar,” and that Moosewala may have allegedly demeaned the Dalit community.

Moosewala’s Instagram account is filled with photos of him posing with guns. Despite numerous legal cases against him and strict gun control laws in India, he continues to share images where he is seen holding pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, and other weapons. Whether these firearms are real or not is uncertain. As a popular singer among the youth, his promotion of guns raises serious concerns that should be addressed by the authorities. However, with the recent acceptance of Moosewala into the Congress party by the Chief Minister of Punjab, it may become more challenging for law enforcement agencies to take appropriate action against him.

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Who was Sidhu Moosewala?

Sidhu Moosewala, whose real name is Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, hails from Village Mossa in the Mansa district of Punjab. Born into a Sikh family, Moosewala completed his degree in Electrical Engineering in 2016. He gained initial recognition by promoting short singing videos on social media, gradually building his fame as a rapper and singer in the Punjabi Music Industry.