Luh Tyler: The Rising Rap Sensation Taking the Music World by Storm!

how old is luh tyler

How Old is Luh Tyler: Luh Tyler, at the age of 17, celebrates his birthday on February 20 every year. This young rapper from Florida has experienced a remarkable rise in his musical career since the release of his breakthrough single, “Law And Order.”

Hailing from Florida, Luh Tyler emerged as a promising rapper whose musical journey skyrocketed in 2022, following the release of his hit single, “Law and Order Part 2,” in July of that year. Within a mere four months, he became a sensation in the world of rap, gaining global recognition, particularly in the UK and the US.

As of 2023, Luh Tyler boasts a significant following with millions of fans on Spotify and Soundcloud, solidifying his position as one of the most influential internet sensations. His music garners over thirty thousand monthly listeners from prominent cities such as LA and Atlanta, and over twenty thousand from Miami, Chicago, and New York City.

On November 10, 2022, Luh Tyler participated in an exclusive interview with Off the Porch, where he discussed his life in Tallahassee and how his musical career served as a distraction from completing his education. During his younger years, Tyler was involved in sports activities.

It’s worth noting that Tyler’s musical journey began with the release of his debut song, “Planet Fitness,” on Soundcloud, while his chart-topping single, “Law & Order 2,” was initially recorded on his phone.

Luh Tyler’s Age and Birthday: How Old is the Rapper in 2023?

Luh Tyler is currently 17 years old, having been born on February 20, 2006. Inspired by the rappers he listened to while growing up, Luh embarked on his rap journey at the age of 16. According to Famous Birthdays, Luh falls into the category of young rappers who started their musical careers early, alongside names like d4vd, Brooklyn Queen, Hayden Summerall, and many more.

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Luh Tyler’s Height: How Tall is the Rapper?

Luh Tyler stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, with a body weight of approximately 50 kg. He possesses a slender body type. He has luscious curly brown hair, complemented by captivating black eyes. When it comes to his fashion choices, Luh typically opts for printed t-shirts, hoodies, baggy pants, and occasionally, ripped jeans. Being a young individual with a youthful face, he often rocks cool and trendy outfits. Interestingly, Luh doesn’t frequently adorn himself with jewelry, a style that resonates with his fans.

Many fans have shown curiosity regarding Luh Tyler’s dental modifications. On his 17th birthday, Luh adorned his yellow-gold teeth with flawless VVS diamonds. A video capturing this moment is available on the @gleefullgrillzjewelry Instagram account. The video also reveals that Luh’s sister also received gold teeth.

It’s worth mentioning that Luh frequently promotes clothing brands such as @checkchaserlifestyle and Hood Superstar Apparel, both based in Miami, through his official Instagram page. He shares images, videos, and even conducts giveaways to engage with his loyal fanbase.

Luh Tyler’s Net Worth

Luh Tyler’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million, primarily accumulated through his successful musical career. He often showcases his wealth through Instagram, featuring stacks of money in many of his images.

Additionally, Luh is active on YouTube and social media platforms, earning substantial income by promoting various products to his dedicated fanbase on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

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His Songs, Albums, and Playlists

According to Yahoo, Luh Tyler collaborated with Trapland Pat to release the single “Can’t Move Wrong’ on February 17, 2023, showcasing his freestyle rap skills.

Some of Luh Tyler’s popular tracks released between 2022 and 2023 include ‘Back Flippin,’ ‘Law And Order Pt 2,’ ‘Fat Racks,’ ‘Jayda Wayda,’ ‘Dennis,’ ‘A Days In The Noya,’ ‘Moon,’ ‘I Gotta Slide,’ and ‘Back Flippin (Fast)’ featuring DJ Frisco954.

As of March 2023, Luh’s most streamed songs on Spotify are ‘Back Flippn’ with 4 million streams and ‘Law And Order’ with 3 million streams. You can enjoy Luh Tyler’s latest releases and playlists on various music platforms such as Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Furthermore, Luh Tyler maintains an official music YouTube channel with over 126k followers and has uploaded 30 videos to date. His most recent video, titled ‘Fat Rack Part 2’ featuring Baby Tron, was released in March 2023.

Merch and Earnings Sources

Although Luh Tyler has a profile on the official website of Merch Bar, there are currently no merchandise items available for purchase on the page.

Where Is Luh Tyler From?

Luh Tyler originates from Tallahassee, Florida. Throughout his musical career, he has traveled extensively across the United States, visiting cities like Chicago, California, Miami, and New York City, among others. In January 2023, Luh Tyler spent ten days in Orlando, Florida, accompanied by Chicken Boy. Additionally, he visited Miami with Var Stay Focus.

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Is Luh Tyler on Instagram and TikTok?

Yes, Luh Tyler is active on Instagram, where he has amassed a following of 423k fans and has shared over 100 posts. Similarly, he maintains a presence on TikTok under the handle @officialluhtyler.

On Instagram, Luh follows and is followed by high-profile celebrities such as Emma Rogue, Tay Keith, Tommy, Faze Blaze, Chow Lee, 2raree, Kaliii, Vanessa Satten, and many more. Some of these celebrities even engage with Luh’s posts by reacting to them.

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