During an event in the bustling city of New York, Drew Barrymore found herself in an unexpected encounter with an enthusiastic individual, prompting a swift response to ensure her safety on a Monday night.

Taking the stage at The 92nd Street Y alongside musician Reneé Rapp for a conversation, Barrymore was engrossed in answering a question when her name was called out, causing a sudden start for the actress. In a video circulating on social media, a man’s voice can be heard saying, “You know who I am. I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York… Alright.” The man approaches the stage in the video.

Drew Barrymore in a moment of distress during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in a black dress. Drew Barrymore appeared taken aback as an audience member unexpectedly called out her name during a speaking engagement. One of the organizers of the event recounted the incident to Fox News Digital, explaining that the man, who had a valid ticket, seemed to be making his way to his seat before he began to advance toward the stage. “He held a valid ticket for the event. He proceeded down the aisle. As he reached the front, the vigilant guard noticed him, assuming he was seeking a seat. However, out of nowhere, he began to shout,” the insider shared with Fox News Digital. 

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“The guard acted swiftly, grasping his arm, guiding him across the front of the stage… the exit was situated on the opposite side. The guard then guided him across and led him directly out onto the street.”

Drew Barrymore, wearing a patterned dress, wears a soft smile while on the red carpet, while Reneé Rapp, donning a serious expression in a black button-down shirt, appears contemplative. Drew Barrymore and Reneé Rapp expediently departed the stage after security apprehended an audience member.

The source elaborated that both Barrymore and Rapp took precautionary measures and retreated to the green room for their safety. “The guard urgently instructed them, ‘Head to the green room.’ They complied,” the source added, mentioning that Rapp guided the host of “The Drew Barrymore Show” off the stage. “They proceeded directly to the green room, where they stayed for approximately 10 minutes. Once we had assured them that everything was under control, they promptly returned, and the show carried on as planned.” Requests for comments from representatives of Barrymore and Rapp have yet to be addressed by Fox News Digital.

 “This individual didn’t pose any threats, and he isn’t a known stalker to [Barrymore]. In fact, [Barrymore] conveyed that this was the first such encounter she had ever experienced,” the insider pointed out, referring to instances of public outbursts directed at her. Despite the disruption, the man was not taken into custody, although law enforcement was notified about the situation. “We promptly informed the NYPD. However, even the NYPD concluded that there were no grounds for charges. The individual didn’t put up a struggle. He didn’t oppose the action,” the source revealed concerning the man’s departure from the event.

The insider disclosed to Fox News Digital that the individual behind the disturbance is known for causing disruptions. “People who are familiar with him have attested to his notoriety within celebrity circles… He tends to insert himself to create chaos… striving to capture the attention of celebrities.”