Dennis Yadiel Sanchez has leveled serious charges against the well-known performer, songwriter, and actor Ricky Martin. The charges levied on Martin could land him in jail for 50 years. Only a few days before Dennis Yadiel Sanchez sent charges of incest, Ricky’s own brother Eric Martin accused him of domestic abuse. The pop artist was earlier accused of domestic violence. However, the alleged victim’s identity was kept a secret. It lead to rumors that he would be accused by his own spouse. Later on, it has come to light that Eric, Ricky’s brother, is the one who has been accusing him of domestic abuse.

How Long were Dennis Yadiel Sanchez and Ricky Martin Dating?

Dennis Yadiel Sanchez is Ricky’s nephew who is 21 years old. He and Ricky were said to have been dating for seven months. Due to this relationship, there have been major allegations of incest and domestic abuse, both of which are classified as serious offenses in Puerto Rico. Ricky may get up to 50 years in prison if found guilty. The artist, however, has refuted every charge leveled against him.

Sadly, the person who made this claim is battling serious mental health issues. Ricky Martin’s lawyer, Marty Singer sent the following statement to the TMZ website. “Of course, Ricky has never been – and would never be – involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.”

The Spanish newspaper Marca has accused Ricky Martin of physically and emotionally torturing his nephew throughout their seven-month relationship. They also charge Ricky with refusing to accept the breakup and harassing his nephew by making frequent calls.

The trial in Ricky Martin’s case was scheduled to start on July 21, 2022. According to the singer’s legal team, a lady who worked with him had previously accused the nephew in the question of harassment. After coming up to her workplace and threatening to murder her, this coworker filed a restraining order against Sanchez.

What is Ricky’s Legal Team Saying?

Ricky’s legal team has also accused Sanchez of significant mental health problems. They feel his mental instability may have contributed to these grave accusations of incest.

There is currently little information about Sanchez’s romantic relationships and little is known about his fortune or net worth.