Dandadan Chapter 116: Dandadan is an engaging and thrilling Manga series that has captivated readers with its intriguing plot and captivating characters. As each new chapter is released, fans eagerly anticipate what will happen next. Chapter 116 is no exception, and with the release date fast approaching, fans are eagerly scouring the internet for any information they can find about spoilers, raw scans, release dates, countdowns, and where to read it.

Dandadan Chapter 116 Release Date

The eagerly-awaited Dandadan Chapter 116 is finally set to release on 31 July 2023. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this installment, and the author has expressed her gratitude for the continued support of her readership. The publication of this chapter was initially scheduled on time but was pushed back by one week for reasons yet to be determined. The new publication date is Monday, July 31, 2023, at 8:30 pm Japan Standard Time (JST).

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Country Wise Different Time Zone

For fans around the world, here are the corresponding release times in different time zones:

  • Japan Standard Time (JST): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 20:30 JST
  • Central Time (CT): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 06:30 CDT
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 06:30 EST
  • India Standard Time (IST): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 17:00 IST
  • Korea Standard Time (KST): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 20:30 KST
  • Australian Eastern Time (AET): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 21:30 AEST
  • Eastern Time (ET): Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 07:30 EDT
  • Bangkok Thailand: Mon, 31 Jul 2023, 18:30 ICT

Fans’ Reactions to Dandadan Chapter 116

Fans of the Manga series Dandadan were left heartbroken and shocked after reading chapter 100, which revealed the potential death of a fan-favorite character, alien princess Vamola. Her unexpected reveal, language barrier, and adorable interactions with other characters quickly made her a fan-favorite. However, her heroic return to save Momo, who had accused her of being a traitor, ends in tragedy as she is stabbed from behind. The prolonged flashback in the current chapter only adds to the suspense of discovering Vamola’s true fate.

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Dandadan Chapter 116 English Raw Scan Release Date

Non-Japanese-speaking fans eagerly await the English raw scan release of Chapter 116, which is scheduled for 28 July 2023. Leaked images have already sparked speculations about the possible events in this chapter. The English raw scan release is crucial for fans who rely on fan translations to read their favorite manga series.

Dandadan Chapter 116 English Spoiler Release Date

Chapter 116 with English spoilers will be released on July 28, 2023, much to the excitement of fans. This highly anticipated chapter promises to be filled with drama, suspense, and excitement.

What To Expect In Dandadan Chapter 116 (Spoiler)?

As of now, there are no raw scans or official spoilers available for Dandadan Chapter 116. However, leaks for Shueisha manga often surface on Fridays, so there’s a possibility that spoilers for Chapter 116 may become accessible as early as July 28. Fans eagerly anticipate these spoilers to gain insight into the upcoming events and developments in the manga.

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What Happened In Dandadan Chapter 115 (Recap)?

Chapter 115 update will be provided as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime, readers can check out chapter 114, where Momo undertakes the crucial task of sealing the portal between dimensions to protect Earth from harmful aliens. The extraterrestrial threat has prompted her to take this action, ensuring the safety and privacy of her friends.

Dandadan Chapter 116 Recap

Kinta’s arrival, coinciding with the debut of his amazing “mecha bike,” offers hope for a decisive advantage against the invading extraterrestrial warriors. The issue promises to be filled with action, and readers are excited to find out what happens next.

Where To Read Dandadan Chapter 116?

For those looking to read the latest edition of Dandadan, specifically Chapter 116, Manga Plus is the place to go. This well-known manga reader platform offers free access to manga online, making it convenient for fans to dive into the exciting new chapter.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of Dandadan Chapter 116, the series continues to capture the hearts of readers with its captivating storyline and thrilling twists. Make sure to mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting adventure with Dandadan!