Shocking Tragedy Strikes Comedian Rickey Smiley

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Popular actor and comedian Rickey Smiley recently experienced a heartbreaking loss with the passing of his son, Brandon Smiley. Since receiving the devastating news, Rickey Smiley has been in a state of shock and mourning for his beloved son. Taking to his official Instagram account on Sunday, the star of “The Rickey Smiley Show” shared some unfortunate news with his followers.

In a heartfelt message, Smiley expressed his reluctance in announcing the news but felt it was important to inform his fans before they heard it elsewhere. He wrote, “I regretfully have to share this with you before you hear it elsewhere. My son Brandon Smiley passed away this morning.”

Following this announcement, an outpouring of condolences flooded his social media account as people expressed their support and sympathy for the comedian. While Smiley did not disclose the cause of his son’s death or his age, he did request prayers for himself and his family as he prepared to leave for the airport.

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In his emotional post, Smiley wrote, “I ask all my cousins and other family members to pray, stay strong, and know that I’m coping. Please pray for my son’s mother, my son’s siblings, and everyone who grew up with Brandon.”

Brandon Smiley Background

To provide some background, Rickey Smiley is a 54-year-old American actor and comedian, blessed with five children. His biological children include D’Essence Elizabeth, aged 25, Malik and Aaryn Smiley, both 21, and the late Brandon, who was 32 years old. Additionally, he adopted Craig Smiley as his own.

While Rickey Smiley has not extensively discussed his children’s mother or the circumstances surrounding their separation, he did mention in the announcement of Brandon’s passing that his son is survived by his mother, Brenda. In an interview on the Panic Room podcast, Smiley revealed that he was married to Brenda for 12 years. When asked about his wife, he mentioned that she remained faithful to him but acknowledged that they were fundamentally different individuals.

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Rickey Smiley’s Previous Tragic Incident

Tragically, this is not the first instance of profound loss that Rickey and his family have endured. In July 2020, his daughter Aaryn fell victim to a senseless act of gun violence while traveling with her boyfriend to a restaurant in Houston, Texas. Aaryn took to social media after the incident to express her gratitude for surviving, sharing that the bullets that struck her legs were armor-piercing rounds, whereas the bullet that could have hit her head was of a different type and became lodged in the car. She conveyed her immense appreciation for being alive.

Regarding the cause of Brandon Smiley’s untimely demise, Rickey Smiley has chosen not to disclose any specific details. Reflecting on his grief, Smiley expressed, “Now I understand the pain my grandfather felt and why he carried that burden. My grandfather went through this same [expletive] with my father, and somehow, here I am experiencing what my grandparents endured. So, please keep our family in your prayers.”

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