Anthony McClelland is a mysterious figure when it comes to identifying LeBron James’ biological father. He had no role in raising his son and his identification remains shrouded in mystery. Not much information is available about Anthony McClelland, as he abandoned his partner, Gloria James when she was just 16 and pregnant with their only son, LeBron James.

Gloria and Anthony both attended the same high school in Akron, Ohio, where he was known to play basketball. However, Anthony’s presence in LeBron’s childhood was absent, as he was arrested multiple times for arson and theft. He did attempt to reconnect with his son in 2002, but it did not yield much result. He is also known to be the father of another child, Aaron McClelland Gamble, whom he also abandoned.

Interestingly, there are even claims that Anthony McClelland may have committed identity fraud, as his picture pops up when searching for Roland Givons, who was reported to have died in the 90s. However, there are conflicting claims about Anthony McClelland’s current whereabouts, with some stating he is still alive and others claiming he died in 2007.

LeBron James Early Life

LeBron James, on the other side, was born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio, to Gloria James. His father, Anthony, was absent from his life due to his abandonment of Gloria during her pregnancy. However, LeBron James has often spoken about how his father’s absence had a positive and therapeutic influence on him, motivating him to strive for greater achievements. Gloria James, LeBron’s mother, dedicated her life and efforts to raising her son, even making the difficult decision to leave him in the care of his football coach at the age of 9.

LeBron James’ talent on the basketball court was evident from an early age. He gained recognition as Ohio Mr. Basketball while still in high school, and his name was featured in numerous sports magazines and illustrations. He was selected for the NBA in 2003 and played for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After joining the Cavs in 2008, he left to join the Miami Heat in 2010, then returned to them before switching to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018, where he is now playing.

LeBron James, sometimes known as King James, has become one of the NBA’s most successful players and has frequently been compared to Michael Jordan. He has four NBA titles to his name and broke Kareem Abdul-record Jabbar’s for most points scored in the NBA in February 2023.

Anthony McClelland and LeBron James Relationship

In contrast, Anthony McClelland and LeBron James never had a father-and-son relationship, as Anthony abandoned Gloria when she was pregnant with LeBron. Anthony remained a reported convict for most of his life, with limited information available about his identity or life. Despite attempts to reconnect with his son, Anthony McClelland’s relationship with LeBron James has been strained and unproductive.

LeBron James’ net worth has risen, with an estimated net worth of $1 billion. Given the minimal information available about Anthony McClelland, it is impossible to calculate his net worth.