Namjoon Quits BTS: BTS leader RM, known by his birth name Kim Namjoon, has penned a heartfelt message to his fans on Weverse, hinting at his imminent military enlistment. Although he didn’t explicitly mention the enlistment, it has been a subject of concern among fans since the announcement last year that all BTS members would serve in the military individually.

In his letter, RM takes a moment to reflect on the past decade since BTS debuted, expressing his curiosity about the transformations that have taken place both in the world and within himself. He also acknowledges his apprehension and curiosity regarding what awaits him after completing his military service, recognizing that time passes swiftly and everything undergoes change.

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Moreover, RM expresses deep gratitude towards his fans, conveying his thanks for the love and support they have shown throughout the years. He acknowledges that the weight of their affection and the accumulation of shared experiences have presented challenges, but he remains appreciative of their unwavering dedication.

This heartfelt letter has resonated with fans worldwide, who have flooded the platform with supportive messages for RM and the other BTS members. While the exact timing of RM’s military enlistment remains uncertain, fans are already preparing themselves for the temporary absence of their beloved leader from the group.

Namjoon’s translated words in the letter were as follows:

“Time swiftly passes, bringing about change—even within myself. I no longer wish to irresponsibly seek or implore unconditional love. Instead, I aspire to embody love and diligently care for myself, trusting that it will naturally find its way to me.”

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Despite the approaching enlistment, RM has kept himself occupied with solo endeavors. He recently collaborated with Colde on the track “Don’t ever say you love me,” featured on Colde’s latest album, Love Part 2. Additionally, RM released his debut solo album, indigo, in December of last year. Furthermore, it has been announced that RM will grace the cover of Vogue Korea’s June 2023 issue.

As BTS approaches its monumental 10th anniversary, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the group. Although the upcoming enlistments may temporarily pause BTS’ collective activities, fans remain devoted and eagerly await their idols’ return.