Kremlin Attack: Russia has claimed that it successfully intercepted and neutralized two drones that allegedly targeted the Kremlin, situated in central Moscow, during the previous night. The incident was allegedly planned by Ukraine with the intention of killing Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the Russian government.

President Putin’s spokesperson acknowledged that he was not there during the event. Social media users share unconfirmed videos of an item flying over the Kremlin. Following Russia’s incursion last year, Ukraine has categorically denied any involvement in the alleged drone strike. It said that regaining its own territory is its top priority.

Furthermore, an official from Ukraine suggested that the reported incident might indicate Russia’s preparation for a large-scale terrorist provocation within Ukraine. Both countries frequently exchange accusations and denials regarding events that have transpired since the Russian invasion.

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How did Russia React to the Drone Attacks?

Russia declared that it disabled the two drones, which were targeting the Kremlin, using electronic radar systems. The Russian president condemned the incident as a deliberate terrorist act and an assassination attempt on President Putin in an official statement. The statement further stated that Russia has the right to retaliate whenever and wherever it deems appropriate.

It is worth noting that President Putin is extensively safeguarded. This makes it astonishing to contemplate how drones managed to approach the Kremlin. The Russian leader remained unharmed, and his regular schedule would continue as planned. At the time of the incident, he was working in Novo Ogaryovo, located outside Moscow.

Videos shared on Russian social media platforms displayed smoke over central Moscow during the early hours of Wednesday. Fragments of the drones were discovered on the Kremlin premises, but no injuries or damages to buildings were reported. The presidency acknowledged that the timing of the incident, shortly before Russia’s Victory Day parade on May 9, could be seen as an attempt to escalate the situation.

What Did Ukraine Say Regarding the Drone Attacks on Kremlin?

Ukrainian presidential spokesman Serhiy Nikiforov commented, “What happened in Moscow is obviously designed to escalate the situation before May 9.” Meanwhile, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mikhailo Podolyak speculated that the incident could serve as a pretext for Russia to justify attacks on civilian targets within Ukraine or suggest the presence of local resistance forces engaging in guerrilla activities in Russia.

Mick Mulroy, a former US deputy assistant secretary of defense and CIA officer, expressed doubt regarding the assassination attempt claims. Mulroy stated that if the incident reports were accurate, it was unlikely to be an assassination attempt as Ukraine closely monitors President Putin’s movements. Putin was not in Moscow during the incident. He suggested that this event may be an effort to demonstrate to the Russian people that they are vulnerable to attacks anywhere. It includes their own capital, due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Alternatively, Mulroy suggested that if the reports were inaccurate, Russia might be fabricating the incident to provide a pretext for targeting President Zelensky of Ukraine. They have attempted to do in the past. In response to the incident, Moscow’s mayor announced a ban on unauthorized drone flights over the city, requiring a special government permit for such flights.

This year’s Victory Day celebrations will be scaled back in a number of Russian cities due to security concerns and pro-Ukrainian force attacks, it has already been declared. Recent weeks have witnessed explosions and fires occurring within Russia, contributing to the decision to alter the planned events.