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mikako abe

Mikako Abe, a former popular porn star, garnered fame for her unique appeal, including her captivating flat-chested figure and involvement in the Hentai play. In this article, we will delve into Mikako Abe’s career, shed light on her notable appearances in porn videos, and provide insights into her profile. Join us as we explore the intriguing world of this renowned actress.

Mikako Abe’s Profile

Discover the intriguing details about Mikako Abe, the former popular porn star, including her personal information, physical attributes, and career highlights.

Personal Information and Background

Gain an understanding of Mikako Abe’s background and personal details, such as her birth name, birth date, place of origin, stature, proportions, hobbies, job, and affiliation.

Name of Porn starMikako Abe
Date of birthFebruary 21, 1994
OriginTokyo Metropolitan area
Stature158 cm
ProportionsB73(AA) – W61 – H86
HobbiesGames, Darts
JobYouTuber, TV personality
Period of activity as an porn video actress2012 – 2022
Belonging officeARCHE Production

Unveiling Her Unique Appeal

Delve into the factors that contributed to Mikako Abe’s allure during her working days, including her adorable appearance, slender loli figure, and her small yet alluring breasts that fascinated flat-chested enthusiasts.

The Adventurous Nature of Mikako Abe

Explore Mikako Abe’s adventurous nature as she fearlessly embraced various aspects of hardcore play, such as deepthroat, bondage, and choking, which many actresses would shy away from. Discover how her inclination towards these genres was evident even before her debut.

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Early Exploration of Her Sexuality

Unravel the story of Mikako Abe’s journey toward sexual exploration, starting from her childhood experiences. Learn how she discovered self-pleasure in the sixth grade, oblivious to the term “masturbation” but aware of the pleasure it brought her.

The Blossoming of Her Desires

Follow Mikako Abe’s journey through junior high school, where she had her first kiss with her boyfriend, a soccer team member. Gain insights into her high school experiences, including her first sexual encounter at her boyfriend’s front door, which marked the beginning of their sexual adventures in unconventional places.

Embracing Her Hentai Nature

Explore Mikako Abe’s relationship with her boyfriend in her senior year of high school, a pivotal time in her life. Discover how their shared Hentai tendencies led to the introduction of various fetish play, thanks to her boyfriend’s enthusiasm and willingness to explore new boundaries.

Triggering Her Debut

Uncover the circumstances that triggered Mikako Abe’s debut as a porn star. Learn about the initial scout offer she received after graduating from high school, her initial refusal, and her eventual decision to pursue a career in the industry due to her interest in porn and desire to engage in diverse sexual experiences.

Mikako Abe’s Journey: A Brief History

Take a glance at Mikako Abe’s eventful career, from her debut to her retirement. Explore the titles of some of her notable films, awards she received, and her subsequent transition to a TV personality.


Mikako Abe’s journey as a former popular porn star showcases her distinctive appeal, adventurous spirit, and dedication to her craft. Despite her retirement, she continues to captivate audiences with her presence as a TV personality. Mikako Abe’s story serves as a testament to the complexities and diverse paths individuals take in the entertainment industry.

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