Arif and Saras: The heartwarming tale of Arif from Amethi and his unexpected friendship with a stork has captured the attention of the media and the public alike. Arif, who had found the injured bird and nursed it back to health, never expected that the stork would become a permanent resident in his home. As news of their bond spread, it caught the attention of political figures like SP President Akhilesh Yadav and Aam Aadmi Party’s Sanjay Singh, who opposed the FIR filed by the forest department against Arif for violating the Wildlife Protection Act.

The stork, now residing in Kanpur Zoo, has become a social media sensation with pictures and videos of the majestic bird going viral. Many are curious about storks and their behavior, wondering if it is possible for a bird to form such a deep connection with a human being.

All About Storks (Saras)

Storks are large birds with long legs, often weighing up to 9-10 kg. They are commonly found in pairs or small herds in India, Southeast Asia, and Australia, preferring marshy areas, grasslands, and fields close to ponds or lakes. What sets storks apart is their emotional nature. They can feel emotions and can grow up to 6 feet in height, similar to the height of a human being. Interestingly, storks make their nests on the ground, which is not commonly known.

Storks are considered sacred and are even worshiped in many parts of India, symbolizing love. Their love story is fascinating, as when their offspring turns one year old, the parents leave it and it joins a flock of storks. The male stork then woos the female with displays of spreading their wings and making sounds. Once a pair is formed, they stay together for life. This is why storks are often seen in pairs, building their nests above water or land and fiercely protecting their chosen area.

During the time of courtship, from April to June, storks make beautiful displays of spreading their wings and dancing in circles, akin to scenes from Hindi films. Other storks do not interfere in their household. Males can sacrifice their lives to protect their mates from any potential threats. The bond between a male and female stork is so strong that if a couple were to break up, the remaining stork would stay alone for the rest of its life, according to the beliefs of the Gond tribe.

Why the Arif and Saras Story is Trending?

The Arif and saras story has shed light on the fascinating world of these majestic birds and their unique behaviors. As the public eagerly follows updates on the stork’s journey, it is clear that the emotional connection between Arif and the stork has transcended boundaries, capturing the hearts of many.