IPL 2023 Start Date and Time

IPL 2023 Start Date and Time

The next season of the Indian Premier League or IPL 2023 is expected to begin from April 01 onwards. No official release is available regarding the start date and time of IPL 2023 as of now. However, ESPN Cricinfo tweeted to inform us about the IPL 2023 start date and time. According to the website’s tweet on December 09th, it states that the upcoming IPL is expected to commence from 1st April onwards.  10 teams will enter the competition to win the coveted trophy. There will be 74 games in addition to 3 playoffs and 1 final game, bringing the tally to 78 games. 

As per the previous years’ IPL format, the opening game of IPL 2023 will be between the finalists from the previous edition – Gujarat Titans and Rajasthan Royals. The detailed fixture and game timings will be updated here soon. 

The BCCI conducted the mini-auction for IPL 2023 on December 23rd, 2022 in Kochi. It will be conducted for those players who were not part of the previous IPL season. The BCCI has scrapped the IPL auctions and instead will open a transfer window and carry out mini-auctions from time to time for teams to induct new players in their squads. 

Also, due to lifted COVID restrictions, the upcoming IPL matches will not be limited to a few venues. For more updates on IPL 2023, keep visiting our page at regular intervals.

Given below is the tentative schedule for IPL 2023 as per the previous year’s fixtures. In total, the teams will play 74 matches across different venues. Each team will play half of its matches at the home venue and the rest will be away fixtures.

March 25, 2023SundayCSK vs KKR
March 26, 2023MondayDC vs MI
March 27, 2023TuesdayGT vs LSG
March 28, 2023WednesdayRR vs SRH
March 29, 2023ThursdayKKR vs RCB
March 30, 2023FridayCSK vs LSG
March 31, 2023SaturdayKKR vs PBKS
April 01, 2023SundayMI vs RR
DC vs GT
April 02, 2023MondayCSK vs PBKS
April 03, 2023TuesdayLSG vs SRH
April 04, 2023WednesdayRR vs RCB
April 05, 2023ThursdayKKR vs MI
April 06, 2023FridayDC vs LSG
April 07, 2023SaturdayGT vs PBKS
April 08, 2023SundayCSK vs SRH
April 09, 2023MondayDC vs KKR
April 10, 2023TuesdayGT vs SRH
April 11, 2023WednesdayCSK vs RCB
April 12, 2023ThursdayMI vs PBKS
April 13, 2023FridayGT vs RR
April 14, 2023SaturdayKKR vs SRH
April 15, 2023SundayLSG vs MI
April 16, 2023MondayPBKS vs SRH
April 17, 2023TuesdayKKR vs RR
April 18, 2023WednesdayLSG vs RCB
April 19, 2023ThursdayDC vs PBKS
April 20, 2023FridayCSK vs MI
April 21, 2023SaturdayDC vs RR
April 22, 2023SundayGT vs KKR
April 23, 2023MondayLSG vs MI
April 24, 2023TuesdayCSK vs PBKS
April 25, 2023WednesdayRR vs RCB
April 26, 2023ThursdayGT vs SRH
April 27, 2023FridayGT vs KKR
April 28, 2023SaturdayLSG vs PBKS
April 29, 2023SundayGT vs RCB
MI vs RR
April 30, 2023MondayDC vs LSG
May 01, 2023TuesdayKKR vs RR
May 02, 2023WednesdayGT vs PBKS
May 03, 2023ThursdayCSK vs RCB
May 04, 2023FridayDC vs SRH
May 05, 2023SaturdayGT vs MI
May 06, 2023SundayPBKS vs RR
May 07, 2023MondayRCB vs SRH
May 08, 2023TuesdayKKR vs MI
May 09, 2023WednesdayGT vs LSG
May 10, 2023ThursdayDC vs RR
May 11, 2023FridayCSK vs MI
May 12, 2023SaturdayPBKS vs RCB
May 13, 2023SundayKKR vs SRH
May 14, 2023MondayCSK vs GT
May 15, 2023TuesdayDC vs PBKS
May 16, 2023WednesdayMI vs SRH
May 17, 2023ThursdayKKR vs LSG
May 18, 2023FridayGT vs RCB
May 19, 2023SaturdayCSK vs RR
May 20, 2023SundayDC vs MI
May 21, 2023MondayPBKS vs SRH
TBATBAQualifier 1
TBA TBA Qualifier 2 
May 28, 2023SundayFinal

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