CoD 3 Modern Warfare OCM: Fresh off showcasing gameplay from the inaugural level of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 campaign, Sledgehammer Games, the developer, has given us an early glimpse into its Open Combat Missions (OCMs).

Through a series of tweets, Sledgehammer has unveiled snippets that provide insight into the diverse gameplay styles achievable within these campaign missions. A particularly intriguing segment in the clip highlights the presence of a ledge hang mechanic, adding a dimension of stealth gameplay to the campaign.

Sledgehammer emphasized that the inclusion of these Open Combat Missions, known as OCMs, enriches player agency significantly. These OCMs present an array of alternatives for accomplishing missions. For instance, players can opt for a clandestine approach by employing night-vision goggles and suppressed weaponry, completing missions without alerting adversaries. Alternatively, a more aggressive strategy is feasible, involving additional armor plates and an all-out assault.

It’s important to note that OCMs aren’t solely dedicated to stealth operations with suppressed weaponry. Instead, players seeking stealth can adopt a knife-only tactic, effectively converting the OCM into a covert mission. Conversely, for a more overt strategy, one of the available vehicles within the mission can be utilized to launch an assault.

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Several of these OCMs incorporate what Modern Warfare 3 terms “Armaments,” reminiscent of Call of Duty’s renowned killstreak rewards. Discovering an Armament in your surroundings results in obtaining a tactical asset, such as air support. While the specific Armaments are yet to be detailed—whether they encompass classic UAVs or AC-130 Gunships—they indisputably make their mark within the single-player campaign.

Notably, earning an Armament within an OCM doesn’t necessitate eliminating enemies; stealth-focused players can stealthily progress and still secure one.

Characterized by their cinematic, linear nature, Call of Duty games traditionally feature story-driven missions. Modern Warfare 3 adheres to this formula, integrating OCMs to “complement” the conventional campaign experience. The extent to which these OCMs transform the experience into an authentic sandbox remains to be seen, yet the prospect of Modern Warfare 3 pushing the boundaries is palpable.

Expanding the scope, Modern Warfare 3 introduces a Zombies mode set within an “entirely new open-world” environment. In this expansive setting, players join forces to combat waves of zombies across the “most expansive Call of Duty zombies maps” to date. This marks the first inclusion of a Zombies mode within the Modern Warfare series.

Turning to the multiplayer facet, Modern Warfare 3 incorporates all 16 original maps from Modern Warfare 2’s launch, supplemented by 12 new 6v6 maps in post-launch updates. An open beta, accessible across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, will be hosted by Activision, with PlayStation users enjoying early access. Pre-ordering grants players access to the campaign up to a week prior to the official release.

Prepare for the launch of Modern Warfare 3, slated for November 10, spanning PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S platforms.