The Faraway Paladin Promotional Video: The second season of the TV anime adaptation of Kanata Yanagino’s light novel series, “The Faraway Paladin” (Saihate no Paladin), titled “The Faraway Paladin: The Lord of Rust Mountain,” has unveiled its latest developments. The official website for the anime commenced the release of its second promotional video on Friday. This new video provides a sneak peek of the show’s upcoming features, including Nagi Yanagi’s opening theme titled “Meika” (Fire of Life), as well as KOTOKO’s closing theme named “Puzzle.” The video also unveils the series’ scheduled debut on October 7, set to air on Tokyo MX and BS-NTV.

The website has also shared additional details, introducing two new cast members and a captivating visual representation (shown above) of the anime. The fresh additions to the cast include Gô Shinomiya, cast as Ru (depicted on the left side of the visual), and Kenichirō Matsuda, who will voice Gelrays (featured on the right side of the visual; note that the character name spellings are not officially confirmed).

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Come October, Crunchyroll will commence global streaming of the anime, encompassing most regions except for Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Shōya Chiba will lend his voice to the character of Will as an adult, while Maki Kawase retains credit for voicing young Will, both as a child and as a boy, reprising her role from the series’ first season.

The returning cast members encompass a diverse ensemble, featuring talents such as Ayumu Murase as Menzel, Eri Suzuki portraying Robina Goodfellow (Bee), Koji Yusa in the role of Tonio, Kenji Nomura lending his voice to Reystov, Minoru Inaba as Bart Bagley, Atsushi Tamaru embodying Ethelbald, Aoi Yūki as Gracefeel, Katsuyuki Konishi voicing Blood, Yui Horie portraying Mary, and Nobuo Tobita as Gus.

Steering the anime in its new direction is director Akira Iwanaga, known for works like “The Morose Mononokean” and “Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee,” while Tatsuya Takahashi returns to supervise the series scripts. Tatsuya Arai steps in as the new character designer, alongside the returning character designer Koji Haneda. The musical compositions will once again be orchestrated by Ryuuichi Takada and Keigo Hoashi from MONACA.

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The initial season of the anime debuted in October 2021, and Crunchyroll facilitated its global streaming during its original airing.

J-Novel Club is responsible for the English releases of the novels, alongside Mutsumi Okuhashi’s manga adaptation. The story paints a vivid picture of a human child named Will, who resides in a desolate city, surrounded by the undead. Raised by three undead mentors—Blood, a valiant skeletal warrior; Mary, an elegant mummified priestess; and Gus, a cantankerous spectral sorcerer—Will is taught and cared for by this unlikely trio. However, as he grows, questions about his identity start to arise. Will embarks on a journey to uncover the mysteries of his unconventional home, delving into the pasts of the undead, while navigating the complexities of both benevolent and malevolent deities. This path leads him toward becoming a Paladin.

Yanagino initiated the light novel series in March 2016, featuring illustrations by Kususaga Rin. Overlap Bunko has been responsible for the publication of the novels in print format in Japan.